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Khandro Thuk Thik (The Wish-Fulfilling Source Of Great Exaltation)

Khandro Thuk Thik (The Wish-Fulfilling Source Of Great Exaltation)

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Secondary Title: The Wish-Fulfilling Source of Great Exaltation

Description: The activity ritual of the profound path of Khandro T’huk-T’hik.


The Seven Line Prayer

Prayer of the Three Kayas

Concise Supplications

1: The Descent of the Essence of Blessings; The Prayer of Supplication to the Lineage of the Sadhana of the Profound path of Khandro T’huk-T’hik (Gyud Deb)

2: The Wish-Fulfilling Source of Great Exaltation; The Activity Ritual of the Profound Path of Khandro T’huk-T’hik Sadhana (Lay Jyang)

3: The Profound Longevity Sadhana of Khandro T’huk-T’hik (Tse Drub)

4: The Melodious Tamboura of the Lotus; The Concise Fulfillment of the Dakinis (Kang Du)

5: Condensed Tsok Practice (Tsok Du)

6. Concise Tsok Offering Verse

7. The Essential Torma Offering to the Wisdom Mamo; The Protectress of Mantra (Ngak Srung)

8. The Aspiration to Practice the Gradual Path of the Dakini's Heart Essence

9. The Daily Practice of Khandro T’huk-T’hik (Gyun Khyer)

10. The Abbreviated Quintessential Sadhana of Yeshe Tsogyal, Queen of the Ocean of Wisdom

Author: H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshe Dorje

Editor & Translator: Bero Jeydren Publications

Publisher: Bero Jeydren Publications

Style: Spiral Bound 8.5” x 11”

Third Edition: 2007

Pages: 80

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