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Lhasa Moon Cookbook

Lhasa Moon Cookbook

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Located on Lombard Street in San Francisco's Marina District, Lhasa Moon is one of the finest Tibetan restaurants in the West. A unique mix of Asian influences and Tibetan regional ones, its cuisine delights vegetarians and meat lovers alike. This cookbook of the restaurant's most popular dishes includes recipes for soups, snacks and appetizers, the famous Tibetan momos, popular noodle dishes, tsampa and breads, sweets, and beverages. It also provides an excellent overview of the foods grown in Tibet with their special climate and regional variations; foreign influences; daily meals; the types of household kitchens; food served in monasteries; and food for Tibetan celebrations. A section on special ingredients and substitutions is also included.
News & Reviews

"One of San Francisco's top 100 restaurants!" —San Francisco Chronicle

"I was delighted by the range and depth of the cuisine in Tsering's cookbook and after cooking some of the food I can certainly see why her restaurant in San Francisco is so popular." —The Austin Chronicle

"The best general introduction to Tibetan cooking available to home cooks. . . . The dinners are quite ecstatic." —The Asian Foodbookery

PAGES: 128
SIZE: 8.25 X 8.25
ISBN: 9781559391047
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