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Medicine Buddha, Giclee Canvas Print

Medicine Buddha, Giclee Canvas Print

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Medicine Buddha:

From the elemental cosmic landscape of earth, air, water, and space, the Medicine Buddha manifests on a multi-colored lotus throne.

Deep blue in color, translucent and luminous like a brilliantly clear night sky, he holds a healing herb in his right hand in a gesture of giving. His left hand rests in a meditation position, holding an alms bowl filled with medicinal plants.

The snow lions supporting his throne symbolize the Buddha's strength and the power of enlightenment to heal the physical, mental and spiritual ills of all beings and bring clarity and balance to their lives.

Giclees on Canvas:

These giclee reproductions replicate antique Tibetan thanka paintings, many originally housed in temples in Tibet and viewed only by lamas and senior monks. These masterfully painted, ichnographically accurate works of art are printed using archival, pigment-based inks on waterproof coated canvas, engineered to give the highest resolution and color saturation achievable with current digital printing technology. The exquisite color and detail replicate the original paintings so closely that it is often difficult to see that you are looking at a reproduction and not the original. They are therefore perfect for meditation practice as well as aesthetically satisfying. Matted with acid-free matte board using archival techniques, the thankas should last for many years without fading or discoloration. May you enjoy your new giclee for many years to come.

Size: W: 11" x H: 14"

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