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Medicine Buddha Thangka (SM)

Medicine Buddha Thangka (SM)

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The practice of Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla, the Supreme Healer), is a powerful method to increase healing for oneself and others, overcome inner attachment, hatred, and ignorance, and to accumulate merit and virtue. Closely associated with Tibetan Medicine, the practices are effective in bringing inner and outer elements into balance, especially during times of degeneration.

As a bodhisattva, Sangye Menla made a series of 12 aspirations, vowing to free sentient beings from illnesses. Thus, to meditate on the Medicine Buddha can relieve physical and mental afflictions and suffering, purify negative karma, and help those who face an untimely death.

Sangye Menla's mantra is Tadyathā Oṃ Bhaiṣajye Bhaiṣajye Mahābhaiṣajye (bhaiṣajye) Rāja Samudgate Svāhā.


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