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Padmasambhava & 25 Disciples, Giclee Canvas Print

Padmasambhava & 25 Disciples, Giclee Canvas Print

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Padmasambhava & 25 Disciples:

The lotus born guru Padmasambhava is surrounded by his twenty-five disciples in this thangka. The lives of the twenty-five disciples provide us with rich examples of properly motivated activity -an aspiration for enlightenment unhampered by pretense.

To enter the mandala of the dynamic presence of the Guru, each of the disciples made a ritual offering of his body, speech and mind, indicated by the casting of a flower into the center of the mandala. Symbolizing a sacrifice of the whole of one's being, such an offering represents a priceless gift to the Guru. Each of the twenty-five disciples perfected a particular aspect of Padmasambhava's teaching that stimulates specific meditative abilities.

Each disciple, then, has come to be known by a specific gesture, as illustrated by the traditional line drawings in Crystal Mirror volume 4. The biographies that accompany them provide points of entry into the drawings: each pictorial metaphor draws attention to the integral wholeness of the mind and its external manifestations -qualities that are neither easily expressed nor experienced.

Giclees on Canvas:

These giclee reproductions replicate antique Tibetan thangka paintings, many originally housed in temples in Tibet and viewed only by lamas and senior monks. These masterfully painted, iconographically accurate works of art are printed using archival, pigment-based inks on waterproof coated canvas, engineered to give the highest resolution and color saturation achievable with current digital printing technology. The exquisite color and detail replicate the original paintings so closely that it is often difficult to see that you are looking at a reproduction and not the original. They are therefore perfect for meditation practice as well as aesthetically satisfying. Matted with acid-free matte board using archival techniques, the thangka should last for many years without fading or discoloration. May you enjoy your new giclee for many years to come.

Size: W: 11" x H: 14"

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