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Palo Santo Gift Set

Palo Santo Gift Set

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Ponder the mysteries of Palo Santo -- now in the subtle, pure style of Shoyeido Japanese Incense.

This South American "holy wood" has been used in medicine and spiritual practice since the days of the Inca. With notes evocative of citrus, pine, and aged wood, Palo Santo ascends as a new favorite fragrance among incense enthusiasts.

This new recipe is truly a must-try incense for anyone interested in Palo Santo and the endless possibilities of natural, Japanese incense!

This beautiful new gift set pairs 35 sticks of Palo Santo incense with a glazed ceramic incense holder, in an elegant paper box with a window — the perfect, all-in-one way to enjoy the experience of Palo Santo.

  • Sturdy, double-walled paper gift box with a window, 10.5" x 4"
  • One 35-stick package of Palo Santo incense, 8.75"
  • One 8.25"-long glazed ceramic incense tray
  • UPC# 0 32110 19037 1
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