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Profound Buddhism

Profound Buddhism

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Secondary Title: From Hinayana to Vajrayana

Description: Kalu Rinpoche, a Lama of the Kagyu Shangpa lineage, was born in Eastern Tibet in 1904. He studied and practiced with many great beings of all traditions before living in solitary retreat for 12 years. One of the first Tibetan masters to teach in the West, he passed away in 1989.

Up to now, Kalu Rinpoche’s teachings were only available in fragments. In the three volumes, Excellent Buddhism, Profound Buddhism, and Secret Buddhism, ClearPoint Press offers a complete and precise version of these precious teachings.

More than a Theoretical treatise, these three books provide the reader with a living, diversified, and often surprising approach to Tibetan Buddhism.

Profound Buddhism teaches how to deal with emotions from a Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana point of view. This volume also includes teachings on the nature of the mind, the relationship between mind and body, emptiness, compassion, the situation of the individual in the cycle of existence, and karma.

Author: Kalu Rinpoche

Translator: Christiane Buchet

Publisher: ClearPoint Press

Style: Paperback

Edition Print: 1995

Pages: 205

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