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Refining Our Perception of Reality (Hardcover)

Refining Our Perception of Reality (Hardcover)

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Dakini Sukha Vajra, widely known as Sera Khandro, wrote this commentary of an account by the great Dudjom Lingpa of visions he had of enlightened beings and the teachings he received from them regarding our perception of reality.

This book contains four Tibetan texts in translation. First, The Excellent Path to Liberation explains how to give our attention to the teachings, and how to ground our spiritual practice in harmonious relationships with others and the world at large. Second, Dudjom Lingpa’s account of his visionary journey, Enlightenment without Meditation, teaches by example that as practitioners we should ask ourselves sincere questions concerning our perception of reality, and that we should not be content with superficial answers.

In the third book, Sera Khandro’s commentary, she presents Dudjom Lingpa’s work within two frameworks. She first clarifies the view on which the spiritual path is founded, the path of meditation; the ensuing conduct that reflects and enriches meditative experience; and the path’s result—awakening and enlightenment. Next she illuminates the subtleties of the great perfection view, the four tantric bonds: nonexistence, a single nature, pervasive insubstantial evenness, and spontaneous presence.

This volume also includes a significant fourth text: a short autobiography of Sera Khandro, translated by Chatral Rinpoché’s disciple-translator Christina Monson.

The directors and staff of Tsadra Foundation and Shambhala Publications, the lamas overseeing the creation of this book, and the translator ask for your cooperation in ensuring that the express wish and vajra words of Chatral Sangyé Dorjé Rinpoché, who authorized our work, be respected. The readership of this book is restricted to those who have completed the minimum five hundred thousand accumulations of the uncommon preliminary practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

PAGES: 336
SIZE: 6 X 9
ISBN: 9781559394246
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