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Lama Purbha

Riwo Sangcho Incense - Red Wrapper

Riwo Sangcho Incense - Red Wrapper

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This incense is used in sang offerings during Riwo Sangcho ("Mountain Smoke Offering") practice. The purpose of the Riwo Sangcho practice is to accumulate merit through offerings and purification, especially of impurities and obstructions.

According to Lama Tharchin Rinpoche: "Riwo Sangchö, 'The Mountain Smoke Offering’, comes from the viewpoint of Dzogchen. It is really the best practice to remove obstacles and fulfil both temporary and long-term wishes. The smoke offering is made to all wisdom beings, to the Three Jewels, the Three Roots and Dharma Protectors, and the Three Kayas. Offering to the wisdom beings helps us to accumulate merit and wisdom. This brings short-term happiness and ultimate enlightenment. We also offer to all demonic beings who are actually manifestations of our karmic debt. These karmic debtors cause obstacles of all kinds, both temporary in this life and also long-term obstacles to enlightenment. Through this offering, karmic debtors are repaid, removing all of these obstacles. This is really the best technique."

This incense is handmade according to ancient Tibetan tradition, using only the finest authentic ingredients.

Each package contains approximately 25 sticks (10" long each).

Imported from Nepal.


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