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Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground

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Secondary Title: Jamgon Kongtrul on “Pilgrimage and Sacred Geography”

Description: Sacred Ground describes two journeys: a journey outward to specific pilgrimage places in eastern Tibet, and a journey inward to the sacred world of tantra, accessible through contemplation and meditation. It sheds light on Himalayan Buddhists' concepts of sacred land, places of pilgrimage in tantric Buddhism, and how pilgrimage is undertaken. It enhances our appreciation of the world and its sacred aspect everywhere—first and foremost, where we sit now. On the basis of this judicious choice of rare Tibetan texts, translated here for the first time, correlating inner and outer pilgrimage, this book is of considerable value to the Buddhist practitioner.

Author: Jamgon Kongtrul

Translator: Ngawang Zangpo

Publisher: Snow Lion Publications

Style: Hardcover

Edition Print: 2001 (Tsadra Foundation Series Print)

ISBN: 9781559391641

Pages: 272

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