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Shechen Blue Incense

Shechen Blue Incense

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The Shechen Monastary was one of the famed monasteries in Tibet. The abbot of this monastery, born in exile among the Tibetan Community in Nepal, is concerned with preserving the religious and artistic traditions of Tibet in all of their original purity and authenticity. The incense made here is enjoyed and appreciated around the world. This incense is handmade at the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Shechen, in Nepal. The recipe comes from the ancient and rare ancestral tradition of incense making from the Mindroling monastery of Tibet, which is famed for the authenticity and purity of all it's ritual arts. Part of Tibetan Buddhist ritual involves making external offerings to the Buddhas, the embodiments of the enlightened mind, as inspiration to realizing this potential in our own minds, which is also the potential of every sentient being.

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