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The Generation Stage in Buddhist Tantra

The Generation Stage in Buddhist Tantra

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Description: This book offers an exceptionally clear and accessible presentation of the generation stage practices of deity yoga. Gyatrul Rinpoche explains the state of mind to be established at the beginning of the practice session, the details of the visualization sequences, the three types of offerings, and proper mantra recitation—as well as mudras, tormas, and malas. Practitioners from all lineages of Tibetan Buddhism will find that these teachings enhance their understanding of sadhana practice. Rinpoche's detailed explanations make it possible to practice these meditations as they were intended and as they were practiced in Tibet and ancient China.

Author: Tulku Tsewang Chogdrub

Commentary: Gyatrul Rinpoche

Translator: Sangye Khandro

Publisher: Snow Lion Publications

Style: Paperback

Edition Print: 1996

ISBN: 9781559392297

Pages: 144

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