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Dharma Treasures

Troma Nagmo Metal Print- LG

Troma Nagmo Metal Print- LG

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Troma Nagmo

Troma is the indestructible, wrathful mother who liberates all phenomena in it's own place, shattering our ego-clinging.

About the Artist and Work

Since 1990 Neljorma Tendrön has been painting representations of Buddhist deities on white Silk as a “modern version” of traditional Tibetan Buddhist art. Each original painting is made-to-order and unique. For a few years now, she has been taking high quality photographs of them, in order to reproduce the works. As she was searching for a more accurate mode of reproduction, without loosing any of the quality of the silk texture, she found printing on thin aluminum plates very surprising for its ability to enhance the colors and details.

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