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Rangdrol Print Thangkas

Tsokye Thuk Thik Print Thangka

Tsokye Thuk Thik Print Thangka

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Tsokye Thuk Thik is one of the four major terma cycles of H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche. It is a Guru Yoga practice in which Guru Rinpoche takes the outer form of Orgyen Menla (medicine Buddha), the inner form of Khandro Norla (wealth deity), and the secret form of Guru Tsokye Dorje (lake-born vajra.) Here, pictured center is Guru Tsokye Dorje, with Orgyen Menla and Khandro Norla below him.

This is a high quality print thangka from Nepal. Print thangkas are not hand painted. However, they are reproductions from original paintings.



With Brocade: 48" tall

Image Alone: 15" tall x 22.75" wide

Bottom Dowel: 34.75"

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