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Vajra Wisdom

Vajra Wisdom

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Secondary Title: Deity Practice in Tibetan Buddhism

Description: Vajra Wisdom presents the commentaries of two great nineteenth-century Nyingma masters that guide practitioners engaged in development stage practice through a series of straightforward instructions. The rarity of this kind of material in English makes it indispensable for practitioners and scholars alike.

The goal of development stage meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition is to directly realize the inseparability of phenomena and emptiness. Preceded by initiation and oral instructions, the practitioner arrives at this view through the profound methods of deity visualization, mantra recitation, and meditative absorption.

This book contains two texts.

The Compendium of Oral Instructions: General Notes on the Rituals of the Development Stage, by Kunkyen Tenpa Nyima

Illuminating Jewel Mirror: A Brief, Clear, and Comprehensible Overview of the Development Stage, by Shechen Gyaltsap Pema Namgyal

Author: Kunkyen Tenpe Nyima & Shechen Gyaltsap IV

Translator: Dharmachakra Translation Committee

Introduction: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

Publisher: Snow Lion Publications

Style: Hardcover

Edition Print: 2012 (First Edition)

ISBN: 9781559393973

Pages: 256

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