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Dharma Treasures

Vajrakilaya Canvas (Gray) ,16x20 ,by Neljorma Tendron

Vajrakilaya Canvas (Gray) ,16x20 ,by Neljorma Tendron

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Vajrakilaya or Dorje Phurba is the extremely wrathful form of Vajrasattva, the pure vajra nature of Enlightenment. In this imagery, the compassion of the Buddhas is expressed forcefully, to eradicate in a powerful way the entrenched ignorance and emotional afflictions which cause obstacles, interfering with auspicious circumstances and preventing the dawning of realization. Thus, the symbol of compassion is the phurba or phurbu, the ritual dagger which stabs the obstacles and hostile forces of embodied ignorance, and transmits their consciousness to the Buddha fields.

This beautiful canvas is a reproduction of an original silk painting, by the artist Naljorma Tendron.

Canvas measures 16" x 20", and comes with an attached mounting hook. The sides feature a blurred reflection of the edges of the image.

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