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Vajrakilaya Statue, Gold-Plated Copper, 9"

Vajrakilaya Statue, Gold-Plated Copper, 9"

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A beautiful 9 inch, gold plated statue of the wrathful heruka Vajrakilaya in union with his consort. Vajrakilaya embodies the enlightened activity of all the Buddhas, and is especially known for his power to remove obstacles. This statue was made in Nepal by traditional crafts people. The statue is partially gilded, with four hand-painted golden faces. The finely-cast skulls in the crown are detailed with turquoise colored stones. He has three faces and six arms, and his consort has one face and two arms. This statue is cast in four pieces: the base, each diety as a single piece, and the finely painted wreath of flames which borders the deities in union. The base can be opened for consecration. This statue will make an exquisite addition to your shrine and be a valuable support for your practice.

Height: 9"

Weight: 3 lbs. 12 oz.

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