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Tibetan Thanka Treasure

Vajrapani Thangka 3, 42x26"

Vajrapani Thangka 3, 42x26"

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Beautiful hand-painted thangka from Nepal depicting the guardian bodhisattva of the Vajrayana, Vajrapani. His name means "the vajra holder," for he holds all the hidden teachings of the secret mantra tradition. He carries a snake lasso to bind the demon of self-cherishing the second it arises. Vajrapani stands in a swirling inferno of wisdom fire which incinerates the causes of all obscuration and disease. This iconography is suitable for the practice of Vajra Armor.



With Brocade: 41.75" tall x 26.25" (at top)

Image alone: 19.5" tall x 14.75" wide

Bottom dowel: 33"

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